1. Go to http://www.theseionline.com
2. Click on the Register option on the menu bar above the sliding images
3. Enter all the required information
4. Click on the SUBMIT button
5. Check your email to verify your registration
6. Return to www.theSEIonline.com and click on the LOGIN option
7. Enter your login information
8. Begin with the CULTURE Module

Registrants will have 90 days to complete this course. The count starts immediately after completing the registration process. Once your 90 days expire, your record will be inactivated, and you will no longer be able to complete the course.

The course is designed to be taken in a sequential manner. Begin with the first option "CULTURE" in the Course Content section on the left pane of your screen. Click on the Culture Module to begin with the "Introduction" session, and when completed, click on the RED BUTTON that says "I Have Completed This Section" which is usually located at the bottom of the page, then proceed to the next section in the list.

Generally, it takes a few minutes to receive a verification email. If you do not see it in your inbox folder, check your Junk and Spam folders. If you still do not see it, then contact our support team via email to SEIOnline@Stockton.edu